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"I had heard about acupuncture but I had not tried it. Recently, I was treated at New Age Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine; I was able to see the change in my health. I had come in with so many problems and the acupuncture treatments I received helped me  in all of them. I was treated for neck, back pain due to scoliosis, knee pain and fatigue. I am able to compare my pain before and after the acupuncture treatments. After the acupuncture treatments my pain has lessened and I am having more energy."


                                                                                                                 L.A., 41 yrs old female

"I was curious to try acupuncture for my medical problems. I was trying to help my asthma, my headaches, my menstruation problems, and my acne problems. The acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine I received at New Age Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine helped me in many ways: my asthma has become controlled; my acne problem has gone away along with the menstruation problems. This is a very helpful treatment because it focuses on what is very important. I am able to feel the change in my energy. My headaches are gone. I would recommend the acupuncture treatments  to everyone."


                                                                                                                        W.M., 16 yrs old female.

"I was having very sharp hip and knee pain due to arthritis; I was not able to get up from bed and walk. This was very hard on me because the pain would travel from my hip to my leg. I underwent acupuncture treatments. I am able to walk now and I have no pain any more. I also suffered a burn on my arm that was very painful. I underwent another treatment that focused on my burn.  With about 4 treatments I was able to have new skin coming up, with not much scarring." 


                                                                                                                     M.A., 65 yrs old female.


"I was suffering a lot of shoulder and neck pain. I was also having trouble maintaining my energy level throughout the day for work. I received two treatments with acupuncture at New Age Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. After the acupuncture treatments, my neck and shoulder pain is less and I  am able to maintain my energy level throughout the day for work.

I am very happy with  results of the acupuncture treatment."


                                                                                                          B. A., 32 yrs old female.

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